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Professional Services

With a strong presence in the Construction and Building industry, professional services is a vital bridgehead into our growth markets. We continue to broaden and deepen our technical expertise and provide end-to-end solutions including analysis, advice and planning. Our professional services range from consultancy and planning to design and engineering of a programme. We provide thorough programme, project and construction management services.

OUR APPROACH: Bringing Knowledge, Experience and Skills Together

More than ever, our clients are looking to find innovative, effective, value-for-money solutions to support the challenging and ever-changing environment in which they operate. Our team brings specialist knowledge, experience and skills to understanding, analyzing and creating comprehensive solutions. Our objective is to help clients achieve receive the best possible professional services the industry has to offer.

  • Our Architecture Project Phases



    Programming/ Initial Meeting

    This is the beginning of any scope of work. Our clients talk about what they want, we carefully listen them. We ask the questions and make comments. We document the discussion and take initial approval before moving forward. This helps our clients in determining the scope of the project and the extent services to be performed by various parties.

    Conceptual Design/ Initial Design

    We create a preliminary design, by evaluating the client’s requirements. We create alternatives for design of the project and overall site development. Typically, site planning and floor plans at this stage, based on the initial meeting with our clients, so that our client gets an idea on the project they asked for and any change they may need in it. We request approval from our clients before advancing.

    Submission Drawings

    We prepare submission drawings for the concerning authorities to obtain approval for construction based on the approved plans from the client.


    Detail Drawings/ Working Drawings

    We create detailed documents after passing through above phases. This is where architectural team, together with the applicable specialty consultants, prepares construction documents, consisting of working drawings and technical specifications for the project components. These include architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and civil work. These drawings are typically included detailed dimension plans, exterior elevations, building sections, masonry details, finishing, door and window details, structural details, electrical and plumbing details.

    Bidding and Tendering

    We can manage the bidding and tendering process upon request of our clients. We solicit general contractors to bid on your project (though we also offer our own construction expertise to our clients). We answer any questions related to construction to the prospect’s contractors, receive bids from them and analyze bids with our clients. This allows us to negotiate with the building contractor to make cost saving revisions.

    Construction Administration

    Diligent construction administration is essential to translate any design into a finished project. We provide services including project visits and reports to help our clients and building contractor to build the project in conformance with our working drawings.